Delhi Devils

June 24, 2009 at 10:33 am 3 comments

It’s not even a decade that I came to this city/state as a student, I still remember how hard I was praying that I shouldn’t get admission in this college in Delhi (I know, I know most of you pray the other way around) but what to do- I did not like the “DOODES” in their own words or as I like to call them the Devils in the college. They came across as rich spoilt brats, now even that’s something not so new- most of our Punju Putars (even I am a Punju, so this is not an inter caste/community comment!) are known to be like that, a trademark style you can say. The precious gems which I discovered later are rare finds (that’s why I call them gems :))

Okay boys no offence meant- this post is not about you, It is not about always ‘ladies first’ it is not about us being the fairer or superior ones, or being patronizing, it also not about proving a point that we are better. I am not going to go on about how women are multi taskers, better managers etc etc! This is about the devils in your community who refuse to learn basic manners, courtesies, behave like hooligans let loose, drive a bike without helmet trying to impress girls, hit eggs/water balloons which not only spoils the clothes but mood as well. It is about the guys who refuse to grow-up, the ones who think showing off means that they are stars, they play loud blaring music while driving the cars to attract attention but don’t realize how irritating it can be, eve teasing is their birth right and they don’t even know the difference between over-dressing and style . 

Since you may think, this is one lop sided version of the story, I am presenting to you an interview with the Mr. JoyCreator (one of the Gems, I am fortunate to know). He is a multi faceted personality who has tried his hand at tasks like writing, scripting, youth connects, social causes, R-J ying, making documentaries et al and of course is a perfectionist… Mr. JC is btw one of YOU.


DZ: JC it is wonderful to have your expert opinions on Devils or the Wannabes if I may call them, here are some quick fires you may like to share your views with us on:

 So top 5 factors that can make us fig out these devils A Devil is no Devil if you can spot the evil in him. That evil is actually his weakness, But, if he is irreverent, moody, unapologetic, overflowing with nervous energy and plain curt, you better run before he sinks his teeth in. By the way, who isn’t a Devil at some point of time?

Hmm. Point taken, but some of them just don’t give up in fact they just become worse as they grow up… Okay, tell us the heights of devilsh attitude you have seen.


Never judge a devil; you have not seen the worst yet. Vroooming through a crowded road at top speed, shouting for no reason to get attention in a party, taking out all their flashy gadgets every second – you never no what a Devil will do. One such Devil hit an egg on me during Holi. I took my revenge, I bought an egg and gifted it to his mother saying – ‘Thank you! I don’t eat eggs’.

What makes them what they areThey are who they are. They don’t need to be made, they come with the foot-in-the-mouth attitude and son-of-the-gun machismo. The secret ingredients that go into them are best kept secret, we don’t want more Devils, do we?


You are so right! According to me avoiding is not a solution so how do you suggest we can deal if we encounter any such devilPlay along. It is a game of one-upmanship and the cooler you are on the ‘top floor’, the safer you will land on the ‘ground floor’. Treat the Devil as a normal human being, not worthy of your time, and he may go weak in the knees.


It is not that all are bad characters but some are show offs, would you like to give them some quick tips on how they can be cool rather than a wannabeForm is temporary, class is permanent. There will be a time, when they will be past the young age, but with the right temperament they can stay youthful forever. Showing off is an implicit way of not having faith in who you really are. If they channelize their nervous energy in serving the underprivileged, they will really feel great and come across as unique individuals.


Finally some WOWs (words of wisdom) that you may like to add

May I add that there is no Angel without a past, and no Devil without a future. Respect a Devil, love them if you can. We need all kinds of people in the world…this variety is what makes life joyful!

 I agree JC; we do need some such elements to appreciate the others. But sometimes they are too blinded with the power of money without realizing cool attitude comes from within. Money can buy everything but class & sophistication. You may hurt others but the real danger you pose is to yourself. The statement empty mind is a devils workshop now makes perfect sense to me! Maybe Mr. JC can help us start a workshop for the devils. How to make the Devil wear real Prada! Comments and ideas invited for the workshop guidelines!

 If I may also add, the road side kids who try also these antics too please don’t hit them or hand them over to the cops, they are just a poor and under privileged reflection of some of you. Instead, can we please create opportunities for them to study…?


Entry filed under: Delhi-ghtfully Yours!.

Delhi or Dilli… another name game! Better still, why don’t they call it Indraprastha CheerS! to my new friends… connected with a click!

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  • 1. Mayur  |  June 24, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    Expert comments! Hmmm… 🙂
    In my opinion, the devil is inside all of us. We tend to copy (or try to copy) what we see. So probably that is why most of the dilli ke munde are like that … and believe me, I dont mind. In fact I was one such spoilt brat during my college days.

    In fact, if Delhi boys are devils, the gals are no angels 😛

  • 2. Sapna  |  June 26, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    Can’t say much about dilli ke munde but am sure devils are everywhere.

    To flaunt is just a high-society trait. So they only try to live up to it. I guess the best way to deal with them is let them be what they are untill they find out for themselves the difference between cool and class.

  • 3. Prateek  |  June 26, 2009 at 6:32 pm

    @ Sapna: I disagree with your words that “To flaunt is just a high – society trait” You will notice that it is people who have become rich quickly who flaunt their wealth. To give you an example, a well cultured Lady who is from the high society will wear something that is simple yet classy, whereas on the other hand the one who just wants to flaunt i.e. has become rich quickly and doesn’t know how to act will be wearing something with a lot of glitter on it that shines a lot.
    It is all a matter of the other persons breeding.
    Being rich doesn’t mean you belong to high-society.


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