Jagriti- the story continues…

July 16, 2009 at 10:21 am 7 comments

So Jags, tell me about Mr. Captain. He comes across as a nice guy, I met him only twice. You met him only twice and you are getting married to him within a month? Are you sure you want to do this? She just smiled and said, I hope it turns out to be good for me. I hope so too babes, Amen!

Sam, where are you? You know I would not put the varmala till you are not around. I know-I know, I promise I will reach before the pheras. You can’t come on time even for my shaddi. Don’t worry I won’t reach in time for my own, I tried to humor her.  Here she thought all is going to be hunky dory after marriage to Captain Rajat Singh. But only if she knew her world was going to come crashing down a few months after the D day. 

Six months after she got married and had moved to another city I got a call from an unknown number.   The voice was so feeble but I recognized it. Jags, is that you? How have you been? Where are you? And I sensed silence at the other end, I asked again Jags are you okay, is everything alright? How is Rajat… say something? Sam, Rajat is having an affair? Having a what? I thought I heard it wrong. My heart missed a bit. Walk out I said in a low voice. What? Yes, walk out, right now, this time my voice was firm. I can’t, if this how it is meant to be then so be it. I tried to reason it out…

Two years went by, the issues only grew. According to Jags, the affair had come to an end. Finally the first good news since she got married, Jags was expecting her first child! But, the happiness was short lived; her mother-in-law’s interference was growing by the day. Rajat had started to hit her in fits of anger. I had not seen her for more than a year now because her husband was posted in a god forsaken corner of the country and she was not allowed to visit Delhi. I knew she was an ocean of patience but how much? And today, I realize it was just tip of the ice berg.

Jags is not the same full of life person I knew. Their is a sad look in her eyes, zero on confidence she keeps busy with her two kids (the second baby was born a few months ago).  Last Saturday while I was still at work my phone rang I saw her name flashing on my screen and felt a knot in my stomach. Is everything okay? They have isolated me, call me back. And I did, Sam I have no money, I am all by myself. I need help, please get me out of here and speak to my mother. Her parents are a different story all together, the ones responsible for whatever happened with her. Her mom told me, I am going to get her back tomorrow. When I finally thought her parents have realized the blunder they committed, next day they had changed their mind about getting her back.

After two kids, numerous episodes of physical, verbal and mental abuse she is still going on and this is how I summarize it for her;

The ones torturing me were brought into this world by a woman, don’t they remember!

Durga, lakshmi, Saraswati all female goddesses they worship,

and my life is a story of nothing but hardships.

 In front of an idol, hands they fold,

the same are used to hit and push me as if I am a punching bag

and no self esteem or importance I hold.

It hurts, don’t they know,

I too feel the pain though I may not show.

I rise at dawn, yet with a smile on my face,

in hope that my life too will change.

 I know nothing will change on its own; she will have to take a step towards bringing in that positive change in her life. Today, she has isolated her herself even from that helping hand that extends towards her. I just wish, her parents offer her the support she needs. If not, Jags the ‘S’ factors in your life are good enough to bring an end to this ordeal.


Entry filed under: COL- Circle of Life!.

Jagriti…Story of a girl who loved to live her life! But they sealed the doors that lead her to happiness and she resigned to it as her fate ‘Tax-free’

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  • 1. Sapna  |  July 16, 2009 at 12:26 pm

    I had reserved my judgment about Jags for part-2. But now I know I should have agreed with Prateek. It is not her parents who ruined her life. She cannot resign her life to fate anymore. She has to act and now it is already pretty late.

  • 2. Pallavi  |  July 16, 2009 at 1:05 pm

    I agree Sappy- Late yes, because she now has an additional responsibility of bringing up her two kids. It is never too late because if she walks out even now she can live her life with dignity at the same time give better set of values to her children.

    but is she the only one? the ans is No! my grand mother’s caretaker has similar issues- it made me think that this happens irrespective of the socio-economic strata you belong to and it truly is disgusting. Jags is just an example my basic point of penning this story was to talk about the fact that women are treated with so much humiliation and the worse part is that they take it all and carry on… it is so damn frustrating

  • 3. Sapna  |  July 16, 2009 at 8:39 pm

    Right Pallavi. what is more unfortunate is that women take all that humiliation. And this happens irrespective of socio-economic strata. Of what use is all the education and advancement. Even worser , some women still think there is nothing wrong with such treatment.

    Earlier women did not have the economic independence or skills required to survive on their own. This coupled with the social stigma was enough to deter even the strongest of women to walk out of such relationships.

    Sadly, even with all the education and the support girls get these days not much has changed. This could have happened even if Jags had married Yash. Love or Arranged this will not change unless people will start looking upto women as human beings and not as their personal property.

  • 4. ranjith  |  July 20, 2009 at 3:16 pm

    nice story line….and my comments as follows,

    1. I infact know such a person, who is very close to me. I feel more terrible for the children than the women, for they shouldnt have started a family unless there is a decent balance in the relationship. Of course, it can go sour later too.

    2. I think a lot of women lack the courage to live as a single parent. It is very tough too, considering our society. What is it that stops her from coming out of such an abusive relationship ? Definitely not her love towards the person, but probably her alternate option is perceived as more dangerous by her !

    3. I somehow found the story to be a lil hurried. I think you should give more time to each development and let it sink it to the reader.

  • 5. delhizen  |  July 20, 2009 at 3:25 pm

    @ Ranjith: Honestly speaking- the story was an outcome of my frustration and I wrote it with an intention of taking the whole damn issue out of my mind, hence it is not so well written and hurried job. Did it help, partially! But for sure made me rethink about a few things in & around me and yes, made me break my new year’s resolution too… Needless to say it is a true story (only names are fictitious).

    Thanks a ton! for the introspective comment.

  • 6. Mayur  |  July 22, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    The part two felt like I was watching Provoked… and felt like this is the interval. Jags is going to kill her in laws and her husband soon. 🙂

    Rest, I agree with Ranjith. Take time to develop an idea and then let it flow in sequence.

  • 7. Pallavi  |  July 22, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    Mayur- You don’t know how I wish she does something… something.. but that girl…anyway

    I agree with you I should have worked a little more on it.. but I wrote it because I was trying to vent out my frustration on the whole issue so wanted to write it and get over with it… But chaper is still open, very much

    PS: guys I am not such a great writer, infact I admit I do a terrible job- but will try and make a better attempt next time :).. Thanks for point it out…will help me improve


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