A meeting with the Match

October 12, 2009 at 12:17 pm 5 comments

Simran, can you come back from work by 3 today, said Mrs. Singh, Simran’s mom. You know my day starts around that time but what’s the occasion. I hope you are not expecting me to chauffeur you to Mehta aunty’s kitty. Suddenly dropping the volume of her otherwise loud voice as if the walls really have ears, she said Mr. & Mrs. Rathod are visiting us today evening and they want to meet you. Me but why and never heard of them before.  They are your US wali chachi key massi’s neighbors from Mumbai; their son is working in an International bank with an MBA from Boston University and will be moving to Gurgaon. Oh no mother, no meet the match thing. Don’t argue do as told.3 means 3 and wear the read saree I got for you last month.


A Rajput Rathod let him come and taste the medicine, Simran mumbled under her breath grabbed an apple and left for office. Speed dialed Swati’s number (Simran’s best friend),rishta aya hai. Unlike last time when everyone got upset with her for saying no, this time the game plan was in place. Meet the guy, entertain him by meeting for coffee, share over the top plans of a great career, late night work shifts as an art director for a weekly magazine, no interest in home tasks like cooking, habits of being a late riser and eventually to settle with 3 kids where the husband plays a major role in changing the diapers to driving the kids to school. A perfect combination to make him say no and the phone rang, be home by 3 reminded Mrs. Singh, I will be, said Simran with a naughty glint in her eyes no one could see.


So what time are they coming 7pm. What and you made me leave my work. Dress up smartly I have taken out matching jewelry to go with your saree.


Simran went to her dad, a rather quiet man, dada what if they say yes, he looked up and said then you will get married to Jai. Oh! The royalty is called Jai, she thought when her dad spoke again, Simran the boy is really good, chachi told your mother. Please take it seriously this time and don’t run away. Shaddi toh karni hai beta. Hmm! Simran was ready before 7 and all the house helps were trying to humor her including her best friend Swati. You never know babes he may be the one. He can’t be the one. And how can you say that? He came in midst of my smooth plan and what kind of guy is he, depends on his neighbors and all to find him a girl.


 7.15 and no sign of the khandan. They are not even punctual how can, Simran had not completed the sentence when the bell rang. Welcome bhaisaab, bhabiji .meet my younger brother, his wife, daughter Alekha, and our mother and bapuji. I was sitting in my room and chotti our maid was giving all updates, didi 7 log hein. puri barat layein hain kya? And chotti giggled!


As I entered the sitting area, everyone suddenly went quiet. Is my saree not in place, why are they looking at me like that? Scanning me top to toe, thought Simran in her head. Hi! I am Alekha, Jai Bhaiyaa’s sister. Everyone got up except the grandparents. Hello, beta, we have been waiting to meet you. Your chachi talk so fondly about you and all Simran was thinking how long will it go on. A volley of questions so what are your interests, which college, why didn’t you go for a Masters. What do you do at work, blah blah blah! and as Simran was about to ask so where is Jai Mrs. Singh eyed her to keep quiet. Ladki thodi sanvali hai, said the granny and Simran could feel her cheeks going red. Mrs. Rathod spoke hamein ladki pasand hai ab toh aap bas rishta pakka karo. And everyone broke into a song of congratulations. Simran could feel lost in the crowd and she broke away and announced loudly but wait, and all heads turned towards her. I have not met Jai we have not seen or spoken to each other. Aunty I really appreciate that you will like to accept me as part of your family but I need to sort out and discuss many things before we go ahead and even talk about marriage and I am sure Jai too will be surprised if you fix him up with someone he has not even met.


Taking the situation in his hands Mr. Rathod spoke, of course beta after all it is your life we are talking about here. You must meet Jai, take your time and decide. I will ask Jai to call you later today and fix a time and date to meet you and he put his hand around Simran’s shoulder to comfort her as tears filled in her eyes.


With no appetite left for dinner and a clouded mind, Simran hit the bed and switched off her lights. Tears softly started rolling from her eyes, and her phone rang. 11.45 pm, unknown number not wanting to talk to anyone and she disconnected the call and turned away her face. The phone rang again and she answered it with an obvious irate voice. Hi! Simran this is Jai. Jai from? What is this about? Jai Rathod. My parents came over to your place today evening. Sorry to call you so late, actually I just got free and my dad wanted me to call you today itself. Guess I made it in time. He expects me to laugh, thought Simran. Thanks to him I am in this situation. It is okay Jai tell me. I know- I Know my mum must have spoken directly about you and me getting hitched as of tomorrow. But I want to put your worries to rest I am in no such hurry. Lets meet over coffee, talk, get to know each other and then decide and yes, I will handle things at home, don’t worry! I am new to this city, so where do you think we can meet. And Simran immediately blurted out The Oberoi 360 that’s my favourite Coffee Shop and easy for you to locate. She could sense a suppressed laughter in his voice. So day after tomorrow at 6.30 pm, can I pick you up from somewhere? No, thanks. Goodnight.


Simran told her family about last nights call, everyone in the family was as excited as if the match is fixed and it was getting on her nerves. She was busy making a mental note of all the questions she was going to ask, things she was going to tell him. If everything goes by her plan she will be out of this situation in the next two days. Simran’s phone had not got as many calls on her birthday as she had in last two days getting best wishes from cousins, advices from massis, mami, and of course the beloved chachi thanks to whom she was in this mess. Simran mujhey toh tum Banarsi Sari lekar dena! Mrs. Singh walked in to Simran’s room a night before she was to meet Jai with a plate of fruits. Don’t take stress else you will get dark circles, eat this. MOM! Can I at least sleep in peace. He is no Prince of Wales that I should give him so much importance.  To be continued….


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Beauty at its Best! A meeting with the Match -II

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  • 1. Mayur  |  October 12, 2009 at 5:14 pm

    Way to go… your best performance till date without doubt. I’m waiting to read the P2.

    … and of course, also waiting to know if this is a TRUE story 😛

  • 2. Sapna  |  October 14, 2009 at 3:41 pm

    Started with Samaira and now Simran. Pallavi on her way to become successful story writer. Great Story 🙂

    Waiting for P2.

  • 3. Pallavi  |  October 14, 2009 at 6:05 pm

    @ Mayur: fiction inspired by experience ;). Must add, not mine though 🙂 and thanks for the idea!

    @ Sapna: Thanks, Sappy, glad you enjoyed reading it.. Part-2 up tomorrow.

  • 4. Madhav  |  November 11, 2009 at 10:09 am

    Just read your this story and its very interesting now i’m going to read part 2. My roommate also like the story. Superb writing Pallavi

  • 5. delhizen  |  November 11, 2009 at 10:38 am

    thanks a ton madhav… Glad to know that you & yr roomie enjoyed it so much!


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