Encounter ( Part II)

November 23, 2010 at 3:48 pm 4 comments

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G: Hmm, so why did you become a terrorist? Someone wronged your family and you set out to take revenge. Tell me your story, I am an author in the making; give me a chance to tell the world about ‘Life of a terrorist’. Let them know what it takes and means to be one. Of course you would become more famous that you are… go on.

M: (laughing) I tell you the movies have spoilt the minds of people and corrupted our image. Well, my dad always said, “I want my son to become a person who is known around the world. Let people remember you for the work you do.” I was good in academics but not an Einstein in the making. A world leader at an early age in our country is out of question and I didn’t want wait till the 70s to become famous. All other professions are fairly boring and monotonous. And then I met a senior from school who was already in this profession and told me how it can make me famous instantly if I do the right kind of work and about the perks you can enjoy. So I got in to test waters and Miss, let me tell you it is tough competition here but I got everything going for me and one day which is not too far I will make history.

M: Wait, let me read your mind- it says; Are you insane? Who does this to achieve world-fame? And what did you say perks of this work? You kill people; you create dis-harmony amongst communities etc etc. This is a crime and a very serious one.

M: Are you trying to tell me that security forces don’t kill? Or the politicians don’t ignite the fire of communal violence? Of course, they do it under the legal cover and you call us criminals. How fair is that? At least, we take ownership of our work. Perks (face lights up), oh there are so many, like we enjoy 24 X7 media attention and not just on a local or national level but on International television. Age is not a criterion for seniority it is the quality of work one does. We are heroes for many. Pauses for a moment

M: Have you seen the queue outside US & UK embassies for a visa? We have international visa which gives us access to all countries any time! We have our officer in almost all major countries so boarding, lodging and security are taken care off. You name a privilege and we have access to it and that too for free.

M: Our income is taxfree, just like it is for anyone working for the UN. One high profile assignment and we are as famous as who that Hollywood actor married to Angelina Jolie?

G: Brad Pitt?

M: Ya ya, exactly. We get more media share that he does for any of his new movies. Some of contemporaries already have a dedicated page on wikipedia and written about on thousand of websites. I will get there soon as well. Just a matter of time!

G: What a waste of education, if you can’t use it constructively and what about your family?

M: To gain some you have loose some that’s the law of nature. In the race of becoming big I had to let go of my family but they get to know about my well-being from the CBI and I also see them on television. So, what if they refuse to accept it on camera that I am their son, I am happy that I fulfilled my dad’s dream for me. My girlfriend is from the same profession so she understands what takes to be a terrorist.

I got into this line 5 years ago. I trained with a small group that works on a state level like J &K for training and practice my bombing and shooting skills (with sarcasm). After six months I got a few good shoot- out assignments and through some links I moved to my present organization which operates on a larger level. In fact my work got me to this building. I am here to review its condition, security, accessibility, how many people come here every day and so on… if this one works as per my plan I will get to operate in South-Asia and so on… In my line of work, it is always a matter of life and death so we are compensated accordingly. Promotions are instant, payments are only in cash and bigger the hit better the remuneration. Unlike in any other job, where your hair will turn grey while waiting for the next appraisal.

M: The phrase, ‘you are fired’/ you are in firing line makes you guys break into a sweat and for us it means barter on death, we either give or get it, no middle path. Seniority has nothing to do with age its all about how good you are at strategizing, executing and leading a team. One has to be a people’s person to move up the ladder. In nut shell we are very corporatized but the beauty of our work is no competition no conflicts within organizations, everyone has a common goal, and every group works towards it independently yet together.  Experience counts and sensitive assignments add starts to the reputation of a terrorist, for e.g. if I have handled a Project IGI, counter strikes, ambush on the army platoons then I will wanted by all top-notch militant set-ups.

Technologies that you use today became redundant for us yesterday. We have the latest machines, softwares, guns, nukes though they are not to be used yet. The systems are so advanced that I could be sitting in L.A and tick-off a bomb here in this city. Don’t look so shocked it’s possible!  And do you know there are organizations working for which is like every terrorist’s dream. It would be politically incorrect to name anyone here else I might offend my employers; (with a hint of smile, you know what I mean). One opportunity is all we need to make history. If it works out the way you anticipate it that mean you are not just any terrorist; you are ‘The face of Terror’, Ah! That is the name of the documentary film based on my life… No- no it’s not on air yet. A matter of another year or two before I become a legend on History Channel! Do watch it and remember our ‘harmless encounter in this lift’.

M: Now, I have work to do and door to shaft opens, makes an exist.

Few moments pass… G is still thinking about the strange conversation with M. When the lift starts running again, it reaches ground level, door opens and there he is.

M: You thought I left you alone in that lift. Do mention it in your book that terrorists are helpful people if you don’t come in their way of work. You get what I mean, don’t you? How and when I execute my plan not even I can tell till a few minutes before so don’t bother going to the police with a lead. In case the bomb doesn’t tick off content of your book will loose credibility.

G: uhh. Wait a sec, I didn’t catch…

M: (turns back for flash of second) Jay, that’s my name. 



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  • 1. snowleopard  |  November 23, 2010 at 5:11 pm

    Hmmmm….he talks too much, doesn’t he.

    • 2. delhizen  |  November 23, 2010 at 5:13 pm

      well anyone who wants to narrate his/ her life’s story would talk this much or more… getting someone to write a biography, you have to share all possible facts, incidents and so on..!! Jay was just doing that 🙂 😉

      • 3. snowleopard  |  November 23, 2010 at 5:25 pm

        Maybe….I was just trying to place my self in the situation imagining how much I would have talked. 😛

      • 4. delhizen  |  November 23, 2010 at 5:27 pm

        Ahh Oh… ! Endlessly … I mean I know you have the knack of talking about yourself and you can go on.. and on and you would still have some more left!! even though you may not have as much experience… 😉

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