A Mad Man’s History Lesson (Guest Post)

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Mr. Pai and I have a few things in common to start with we both are bloggers working in creative fields related to media and Lefties, proving the theory that we are born geniues. The similarities end here because he is a brilliant writer and a quizz buff. Whenever I want a dose of creativity and humor all I have to do is read his blog.  ‘Pai-isms’ as we call them and one liners as you would make the most serious man crack-up… 

Sample these
“Life is too short to start your day with a newspaper” or “They say genius is rarely recognised in its lifetime. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case with gross incompetence. “
He is now writing a book ‘ Mad Man’s History Lessons’ ( working title) and happily agreed to share some bits of it. I don’t hope but know that you all will enjoy reading it as much as I did… do leave your comments for Mr. Pai and expect the witestest, wackiestest responses.
Its going be a series of posts starting with an Introduction to- A Mad Man’s History Lesson 

History never really repeats itself. Only a bunch of historians do. And they do so for their own convenience. Just think about it. Try reading a history book prescribed by schools and universities in a country that shares its history with your own country. You’ll see that the so called “history” has been painted in a colour pallete that’s very different from what you’ve come to accept as the truth. It’s almost as if History differs from one country to another, just the same way different colours are used to distinguish countries in a political map. So what purpose does history serve apart creating a “mine is bigger than yours” argument on a global scale?  That’s not education. That’s indoctrination with a university certification.

So what can we do about it? Well, assuming all sources of history to be biased in favour of one party over the other, there is absolutely no way of figuring out what really happened. And since we can’t fight them, let’s just join them and share a few laughs. No seriously. There’s no better way to settle an argument than laughing it off. Which is what we’ll do every couple of weeks.  Every time we come across some significant chapters in world history that changed the course of mankind (Yea, right!).
Welcome to the History Class that come with no morals. No heroes. No villains. And absolutely nothing that will fetch you an A+ in your school report. What it will contain however, is a new look at History. So class, the next time we meet, let’s just not revisit history. Let’s rewrite it.

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Innocent or Guilty… who knows what the truth is? Mad Man’s History Lessons: Timeline 1 by Sudhir Pai

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